Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Through My Eyes - Another walk in the woods

Here are some inspiring sights I saw today when we took a walk in the woods. A couple of them were found as we picked through a small wood pile. (keep an eye out for snakes when doing this!) I have to give my sons some kudos because they found most of the items. I'm always telling them to keep their eyes open for interesting things, and it's nice to know they have been listening to me :)

Here is a gorgeous millipede. We found 2 of them curled up under a log. I just loved the stripes, the red legs and of course how he looked all curled up.


Here are a couple of toads we found in old logs. Their camouflage was so perfect. It makes me want to create something that has a hidden element to it. A little surprise that your eye may not catch the first time you look at it.

There weren't many flowers in the woods this late in the summer, but we I did find this one. I love the way it branched out. It had a very cool geometric feel to it.

We also managed to collect a bunch of premature acorns, helicopters and other bits and bobs. It was too dark to photograph them when we get back, so hopefully I will find time tomorrow and update this post or include them in my next one.

So take some time to look in hidden places this week and see what you find. It doesn't have to be a creepy log pile, you can explore a road you've never been down before, a town that's off the beaten track or even venture into your basement, attic or a closet you haven't been through in a long time. I'm sure you will find just as many inspirational treasures without all the extra creepy crawlies!

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melis731 said...

Sorry if this is a question that's already been posted on your blog - but have you ever considered teaching a class about how to create polymer clay jewelry? Your designs are so unique and beautiful. I'm sure there would be an interest from others to learn from you! Just a thought :)


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