Friday, June 26, 2009

A Different Kind of Inspiration

Sorry I have been absent again, but my husband was really sick and ended up in the hospital which of course coincided with the the last week of school and all the activities that entails. The hubs is doing much better now, so I am going to do my best to get back to blogging. This is less of a post than a link to an inspiring story in the NY Times about my brother and a hospital he started in Pakistan. Hopefully it will inspire you in ways beyond art. Make sure you watch the 10 minute video embedded in the article. Trust me it's worth the time out of your life.

An Improbable American

My brother has inspired me to help in the best way I know how. I will be creating a few art pieces inspired by my brother and his charity and will be selling them and donating the profits to his charity, CDRS. In my mind healthcare is a right and not a priviledge, no matter where you are in the world. I will share the new pieces once they are finished. If you would like to donate to his cause, please follow the link. Here is what your money can do:

What Your Donations Can Do For CDRS Medical Projects In Pakistan

$30 provides free healthcare and medicines to 21 patients
$150 provides free healthcare and medicines to 105 patients
$250 pays the rent of the main CDRS medical facility for 1 month (18 rooms 6 bathrooms, 4 levels, steel reinforced concrete building)
$300 provides free healthcare and medicines to 210 patients
$600 pays the salary of one CDRS Physician for one month
$700 provides food for 30 CDRS employees and overnight patients and their families for one month
$850 provides medicines and medical supplies for all 8 CDRS facilities for one month
$1,000 provides dental medicines and supplies for one dental unit for one year
$1,000 provides basic medicines to all 8 CDRS health facilities for one month
$1,200 provides operational and ambulance transportation (including drivers), fuel, maintenance and vehicle repair for one month
$1,500 provides free healthcare and medicines to 1,050 patients
$1,500 provides gas cylinder re-fills (for heat and cooking) for one year
$2,000 provides fuel for hospital generators for one year
$2,000 provides phone, electric and water for The CDRS main facility for one year
$5,000 provides a modern dental unit to a hospital or Rural Health Center
$15,000 repairs 6 dental units damaged in the earthquake and re-establishes Jinnah Dental Hospital and College in Muzaffarabad City
$20,000 provides for CDRS operating costs and staff salaries for one month (based on new facilities and programs - optimum 2008 budget of $240,000)

Please let me know if my brother's story has inspired you and please send out your thoughts and prayers to him so that he can stay safe in such a dangerous part of the world!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Inspiration Revealed - Ginkgo Leaves

So, I didn't really need pictures to inspire me to create ginkgo leaves as I have quite a few in my shop already, but when I was walking into the mall a couple weeks ago I noticed the leaves were coming in and I couldn't resist taking a few quick shots. I did get a few strange looks, but who cares, it's all in the name of art. I posted the photos to Flickr and didn't plan to do anything with them, but my Flickr, Etsy, Twitter buddy, Sandfibers, told me I should add a ginkgo leaf to my "Out on a Limb" series. Duh, why didn't I think of that? So, I took her advice and here it is:

Thanks Sandfibers!! If I had a picture of you, I would have added it to the picture mosaic since you were very integral part of the inspiration for this piece!

I added the extra leaves since the pictures showed the trees so lush with leaves. It didn't feel right to just have a lone dangling leaf.

So listen to your friends and don't be afraid to take that picture no matter where you are. I may have looked like a crazy lady taking pictures in the mall parking lot, but I definitely think it was worth it in the end!

Monday, June 1, 2009

These Kids Have Talent!

I had a great time at the Handmade Mart yesterday! The day started off with me waking at 6AM to hear rain on the roof, but by the time I arrived to set -up at 7:30 AM the sun was out and the ground was drying up. The day ended up being gorgeous weather wise with only a little wind started tossing tents around at the end of the day. I had an extra table this time, so I decided to try something new. I included a kids table covered with craft paper for the kids to color on and some polymer clay for the kids to go crazy with. It turned out to be a great idea because the kids totally loved it, The parents were able to spend more time shopping, and the kids artwork was really inspiring. It was also a great way to share the fun of polymer clay and explain how my items start. I have to admit that it was extremely entertaining too. Several kids came back a couple of times to make more art. The only thing I plan to add next time is some handy wipes and directions for how to bake the clay at home. Here are some of the wonderful things the kids made:

At the end of the day a couple kids came int he booth and stacked all the remaining pieces together to make a fun abstract art installation:

A sweet little boy worked very hard on a portrait of his cat:

and as his parents were trying to get him away from the table he told them that he had to make one more thing for me. He was inspired by my new ice cream cone pendants and he made me a little ice cream cone.

I have since baked it and it's now a cherished treasure that I will keep in my cash box always! Yes, I think I will definitely include the art table again!


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