Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July

There's a New Blog on the Block : Kyle's Kreations

Son number two decided he wanted a blog too, so in an effort to be an accommodating Mom, we created one. We are starting it off as a summer project, but if he enjoys it we may expand it beyond the summer. The blog will allow him to show off his creations, practice his writing and communication skills and have a little responsibility over the summer. We're hoping to add a tutorial or two and maybe even a couple of videos. We'd love it if you gave his new blog a visit and left a comment for him. We hope you follow along on his creative adventure and who knows you just might get inspired! Just click the photo below to head over to Kyle's blog.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Today's Daily Dose of Inspiration

Catch of the Day

Minnows caught by the boys. All were safely released back into the Chesapeake Bay.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Through My Eyes - Train Tracks

The boys and I have started our summer adventures. We(carefully)explored the train tracks in one of our favorite parks. This is what caught my eye:





Here's are some things from this location/photos that inspired me:

*The warm rusted tones of the metal with the dull gray rocks against the lush greenery would make an interesting color combination.

*The contrast in textures of the metals, the rocks and the trees with the former being hard with sharp lines and the latter being softer with more curved lines.

*The repetitive lines, shapes and angles.

*The track that seems to continue on forever. Where does it end? What are the sights along the way?

*Thoughts about travel and destinations.

*Connections - bridges and tunnels and the areas, people and goods they connect

* Thoughts about about working around and incorporating natural elements. The tracks go through a large hill without disturbing the park and the trails that climb the hill.

So many ideas... imagine if we had actually seen a train.


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