Friday, July 1, 2011

Through My Eyes - Train Tracks

The boys and I have started our summer adventures. We(carefully)explored the train tracks in one of our favorite parks. This is what caught my eye:





Here's are some things from this location/photos that inspired me:

*The warm rusted tones of the metal with the dull gray rocks against the lush greenery would make an interesting color combination.

*The contrast in textures of the metals, the rocks and the trees with the former being hard with sharp lines and the latter being softer with more curved lines.

*The repetitive lines, shapes and angles.

*The track that seems to continue on forever. Where does it end? What are the sights along the way?

*Thoughts about travel and destinations.

*Connections - bridges and tunnels and the areas, people and goods they connect

* Thoughts about about working around and incorporating natural elements. The tracks go through a large hill without disturbing the park and the trails that climb the hill.

So many ideas... imagine if we had actually seen a train.

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