Monday, February 2, 2009

Be Inspired by a Groundhog's Shadow

Well, the groundhog saw his shadow which means there will be 6 more weeks of winter. For some this is good news and for others not so much. Personally I am still waiting for that one big snow storm so we can get at least one day of sledding in. In the art part of my life though, I am already pining for spring. I have noticed that my palette has started to include more pastels and my sketchbook is starting to fill up with new foliage and florals, but with Phils news, I have decided to take at least another week to focus on winter and all it has to offer in terms of inspiration. So take some time this week to revel in the chill, revere the snowflakes and the icicles, and rejoice in the cool colors and bare trees of winter. Here are a couple of winter pics I took last week that inspired me:

Today - Macro 365/264

Ice -  Macro 365/265
For those of you in warmer climates, or who are done with winter, you can still be inspired by Punxsutawney Phil by taking some time to be inspired by shadows. Checkout these great pieces which are not only art themselves, but they create amazing shadow art.

This fantastic Bronze Swirl Wall Sconce by creates incredible shadows and looks amazing even when not lit. I got several pieces from mariposaavenue before the holidays and I can personally vouch for their great quality and wonderful artistry. My kids just love their nightlight and the shadows it casts are just beautiful. And if that didn't sell you, everything is created from recycled cans!

I love this Gecko Shadow Caster by . It's like art times 2.

Checkout the great shadow puppets from This Pippi Longstocking Shadow Puppet is my favorite. Maybe you'll be inspired to create your own shadow puppet show.

So thanks for the inspiration Phil! See you next year!

Fantastic Punxsutawney Phil Groundhog Magnet by .

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