Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Waking Up from Hibernation

I'm baaaaaack! Happy belated 2009 ! I had to take a serious little hibernation from the blog as life got a bit busy and I needed a serious break once the kids finally went back to school (I swear that was the longest holiday break ever). I have had a few weeks to recover and while I probably could have used a couple more, I thought it was time to come out of hibernation and get inspired again! With not having to worry about filling lots of orders, or worrying about things getting there on time, or entertaining kids or doing much of anything, I was able to get my mojo back and create some new pieces. I have been adding them to the shop and my flickr. Most of the new pieces were inspired by Valentines Day and affairs of the heart, but I will do a full post about them after I have unveiled a few more. So instead, I will ask you to be inspired by hibernation and the animals and trees who smartly hibernate each winter and awake in Spring refreshed and hungry for a new day. Here are some fun items I found that were surely inspired by hibernation:

I always knew the bears weren't really sleeping. Hibernation print by MyPaperDaydreams.etsy.com

threedogparty.etsy.com has the perfect pro-hibernation letterpress journal for keeping your thoughts and sketches in during your hibernation. Maybe I should start a pro-hibernation movement. I don't anyone would really care if we all took the month of January off to hibernate. Do you?

Here are some inspiring words that come to mind when I think of hibernation: sleep, comfort, rest, rejuvention, cozy. They can all be good starting points for inspiration. Here are some great handmade items that I would want to have on hand while I was hibernating and that could have been inspired by any of my hibernation words:

I would love to have my hot cocoa (not coffee because that would keep me awake) in this great mug by JDWolfePottery.etsy.com . The pink inside would be such a treat to find after all the cocoa was gone.

OK, this Under the Apple Trees Bed by attiladesign.etsy.com has to be THE best place to spend your hibernation. Enough said.

This Luxury Eye Mask by BibBon.etsy.com would be a great way to shut the world out in style.

So take some time to hibernate this week, and I guarantee when you awake you will be full of new ideas.


Lisa Clarke said...

I am right there with you on hibernating through January. I've you start a movement, I'll be on board :-)

Block Party Press said...

If only I could get motivated enough to start a group!! I feel like I maybe I need to include February too:P

Anonymous said...

Love the hibernation pic. It takes me right back to illustrations in kids books when I was a young boy (a long time ago!).


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