Monday, September 8, 2008

Leave Nothing Behind...Again

It was time to clean the old palette out again and of course I had to do something with the dried paint that I peeled from it. I still just couldn't throw it away. Last year I made some wall art and took some fun pictures of the paint blobs. Then earlier this year I made some earrings, and an ACEO and I'm still working on my palette sculpture. This year I trimmed the domes and will be adding magnets for my favorite 5 year old magnet collector. I took some photos of the scraps and the domes and played with them a bit. I like the random nature of this type of art. You never know which colors will end up together or how they will interact.

I upped the saturation in this one to add some fun and interest. I like how it brought out some of the shapes that you didn't really see in the original.

This one has great color and texture. It reminds me of a planet or another world. I love the cracks and the circles created by bubbles in the paint.

When I was done with the domes, I had to take some pictures of the pieces that I cut away. I just randomly piled them up and looked for interesting compositions. It was like a tiny sculpture. One day I will try putting them in some resin. I think they would create an interesting piece of jewelery or just a small piece of art like an ACEO. Another project to add to the "to do" list.

So keep an open mind and experiment with your leftovers.


Carol Dean Sharpe said...

Tamara, I've nominated you for the "Brillante Weblog"...more here:

Anonymous said...

Totally want to put those domes in silver!

So cool and a beautiful photo!

Block Party Press said...

Thanks carol Dean!

Be Clever - the next time I clean the palette, they're yours, but you must make one for me too:)


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