Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Be Inspired by Texture

When looking for textural inspiration, there is really no limit on where to look. Just about every surface has some sort of texture. Even smooth is a texture, so take some time to look closely at the things around you and their texture. Try not to be distracted by color and pattern and focus solely on the texture. In your home, look at your rugs, wood floors, wood grain in your furniture. Look in your closet and pay close attention to the fabrics and how they look and feel. Outside your home, pay close attention to the vast amount of textures created by mother nature. Tree bark, rocks, flower petals, leaves,clouds, water, soil, shells and even animals offer up interesting textures that can recreated in creative ways in your art. Do you live or work in a city or urban setting? This environment offers a dazzling display of textures. Sidewalks (cracks and cement texture), the architecture of the buildings and the materials used to create them, dirty, distressed items or items worn down over time, as well as fresh new structures whic are always sprining up.

Don't be afraid to reach out and touch the textures you see. Touch can be important when being inspired by texture. You can be inspired by the feel of the texture, especially if you are created something that will be touched like a scarf or hat. Try to recreate the feel while being less concerned with the visual.

Don't feel that the only way to be inspired by texture is to recreate what you saw. Think "outside the box" (cliche I know) and notice shapes and patterns as well as texture. Look at how the light and shadows created by texture offer even more interest. Take a look at the texture in different lights and see how it changes.

How you add the texture will obviously depend on the medium you are working with, but don't be afraid to experiment. Here are some free turorials I found to help you add some texture to your work.

Photoshop texture tutorials for adding texture to your photos and/or digital art
Handmade texture tools tutorial for polymer clay from
Tissue Paper Texture tutorial for watercolor painting
How to create textured art for your walls at home from
Creating texture with caulk by Val's Altered Heart Journey
Hammered silver cuff bracelet tutorial from Loose Wire Studios
Texture Crochet Stitches tutorial

Want to see textures form all over the world? Check out these Flickr groups for some amazing textural inspiration (remember inspiration, not copying).

Texture Whores ( Don't be turned off by the name, there are over 30,000 texture images to be inspired by)
There's even a textured art group where you can showcase your textured art pieces: Tactile Art

So without further ado, give them something they can feel (Thanks En Vogue) and make textured art!

Photo/art credits:

Photo#1: Wrist Rings Bracelet 3 by
Photo#2: Turf Textured Tile, Chartreuse by
Photo#3: Zany Zinnia Scarf 2 by
Photo#4: ANATOMICAL HEART SERIES, Original Textured Artwork by Donna David
Photo#5: Trinity ACEO by me , blockpartypress

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