Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Tree Wins! Now for Some Color

I have to be honest with you, but I really didn't think the tree would win. I thought everyone would be getting tired of my trees, so I purposely only put in one (and it did take some restraining on my part) to try and mix it up a bit, but apparently you haven't had a enough, so the tree it is!






Sprouts growing5.4%2

Floral design5.4%2



Flower vase2.7%1

Bubble flower2.7%1


Multiplying Bunnies0%0

total votes: 37

Now that we have the subject, we need the color scheme. Keep in mind that our theme is Spring, so let's see hear some great Spring color combinations. We will need a color for the tree trunk, the leaves,the background and the base clay. Leave a comment with your recommendations, and then I will post a poll so everyone can vote for the final colors. Thanks so much to all of you that have been participating and following along. It's been a lot of fun to hear your input! Don't forget to send me pictures of any work that has been inspired by this project, it's themes and suggestions. I would love to feature it here on the blog!!


DivaDea said...

The tree is cool (but I still hope you'll make a giraffe one of these days...)
Here are my color scheme ideas:
1. black and white
2. monochromatic - three shades of the same color, like light, medium and dark green for instance

Block Party Press said...

I was actually feeling the giraffe myself, so I am sure I will fit it in somewhere. Now that I have carved a Pegasus and deer, I think a giraffe will be pretty easy. I had an idea pop into my head when you suggested it and giraffe's eat trees so I could even work in a tree (do you hear the wheels turning?). Great color suggestions Alissa. I really like the monochromatic idea.

Anonymous said...

How about budding tree on a rainy spring day? Light grey for background, dark grey for the bark, leaves in fresh, limey green. You know how when the perfect light sometimes hits during the twilight and the grass and foliage seems to sort of glow against a darker background?

Or how about a tree using the colors of a giraffe against a blue sky?


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