Saturday, December 1, 2007

Hand Made Gift Guide - The Man in your life

My man works hard, is a great father and husband, so this year I plan to spoil him with some handmade goodies. While he is not what I would call artsy or crafty, I am sure he would appreciate any of the fabulous handmade items I found on Etsy. Check out my mini gift guide for some ideas of your own for a husband, brother, father, son, uncle,etc.. but please leave a few things for me to buy! Just click the photo to be taken to my Etsy favorites, where you can navigate to the Etsy shops featured.

I also want to wish my oldest son, Trey, a Happy Birthday today. He's the best 8 year old a Mom could ever ask for! A belated birthday wish to Kyle (the best 5 year old a Mom could ask for)too who turned 5 this past Sunday. The birthdays, coupled with holiday orders, the PCAGOE challenge, preparing for the show on the 15th (see my side bar for more info) and preparing for the holidays are what have kept me from blogging all week. Updates will probably continue to be spotty for the next 2 weeks, so please be patient with me!!


yellowfish said...

wow, those are great... I needed some manly gift ideas... here is another one (although its more manly + hilarious than just manly), I just bought this yesterday for a Christmas gift! Lego coasters...

Kirsten said...

Those are lovely suggestions. My husband has made it clear that he only wants finches or books about finches. He collects/breeds/shows them ( ) .

Block Party Press said...

I saw those coasters when I was browsing yellowfish. They were pretty cool. Perfect for the fella who hasn't grown up yet!

knitsteel - That is too cool. At least he made it easy for you!! Mine always says he wants nothing, so I always have to try and guess.

Virginie Dufour ... said...

very good ideas, thank you !!

MillieDog Designs said...

Your shop is beautiful and Happy Birthday to your sons!


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