Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Inspired by a Splash of Red

Last week, we had our first snow storm of the winter season. The next day while playing in the snow we saw a beautiful red cardinal admidst all the white. What a lovely, inspiring site. So inspiring that I decided to create a treasury of Etsy items featuring the male cardinal.

One thing I think the cardinal can teach us is to not be afraid to stand out, or to be afraid to create things that stand out. While most animals try to hide and blend in with their environment, the bright red cardinal is bold and is more concerned with attracting a mate than hiding from predators. So take some time this week to take a cue from the male cardinal. Create something bold, be courageous and step out of your comfort zone (strut your stuff!), create something inspired by love (or lust) and of course create something with a splash of red! Here are some words inspired by the cardinal which will hopefully help to inspire you :

Here are a few more inspiring items that I feel embrace the spirit of the cardinal, that offer a splash of red, or convey one of the inspiring words.

Click on each photo to be taken directly to the Etsy listing and to see more of each artists work!

1. Lust by Mikiye.etsy.com
2. Striking Holiday Cards by Blakeswork.etsy.com
3. Sweet Stripe Earrings by Clevergirl.etsy.com
4. Pop Art Heart Necklace by zencreations04.etsy.com

Here's my little homage to the cardinal. It is a birdhouse I painted for my father in memory of the cardinals who lived in our yard when I was a kid. the female is on the other side of the entrance.


saffron said...

Awesomely wonderful Treasury! That should make the front page!!!

I love cardinals. We don't have them here out west. I sure get excited when I see them when I'm back east though!

Excellent post!

Block Party Press said...

Thanks! I have always loved the cardinals. When I was little we had one that lived in the trees in our yard and we got to see him just about every day. I got excited every time I saw him and his girl despite the fact that I saw them all the time!

Unknown said...

Yes, I agree!
That SHOULD make front page!
Thank You VERY MUCH for including my LUST floral feather piece in your blog entry! I get tickled EVERY TIME when someone enjoys my product enough to write about it or include it in some way!
Awe, I like the bird house...childhood memories...(smiles with a sigh)

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

Wonderful reds, wonderful cardinals! I wish it would make the homepage but I doubt it lately. They mostly seem gift themed and Etsy picked lately no matter how worthy a treasury is and this one certainly is.

Block Party Press said...

Thanks mlee! This one is old though, from last week so it will never make it to the front page. I know what you mean though. I think it is overkill when they feature lists that are already in the Storque. Hopefully after the holidays that will change.


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