Thursday, December 13, 2007

Craft Mutiny Holiday Booty Market

Come and see me at the Craft Mutiny Holiday Booty Market on Saturday in DC! Click the picture for more info

When I showed my kids the postcard for the show, and they heard it was the Holiday Booty Market, there were lots of giggles and my little one asks me in all seriousness "Are you going to sell your booty there?" I can honestly say I never thought I would hear those words. Somewhere along the line the kids were told that girls have booties and boys have butts (sounds like something Dad might say?), so he was very amused at the thought of me selling my booty. Thankfully Trey explained the correct meaning while laughing the whole time. So Thanks Craft Mutiny for the great show and for making my kids almost bust a gut laughing. If you are in the DC Metro area, please stop by and say hello. I would love to meet you!


Lisa Clarke said...

Heh. Booty. That's funny.

Sounds like a great fair - wish I could go!

Unknown said...

hah! we almost had a little freakout about "booty" with one of the church people! But it's all good now! Phew! See you tomorrow!


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