Thursday, November 8, 2007

Through My Eyes - Anything Can be Art ...Right?

Well if you have been following along with my blog, you may know that inspiration strikes me quite often , and in some of the strangest places. If there is one thing I would like to pass along to you from this blog it is to keep an open mind and an open eye for things that could inspire you, or that could become art. For me creating is like breathing and I feel "off" if I haven't made something or thought about making something. So for me anything is fair game. As you know I have a 4 year old (5 this month) artist in my house and his favorite thing to do is to paint with my acrylic paints. He has one of those plastic palettes with the little circles around it for the paint to sit in. Being the lazy mother I am, I never wash it off, I let the paint dry and just keep adding more when he decides to paint. Well I looked at the palette yesterday and determined that I needed to clean it out. All of the little wells were completely full, so I commenced pulling and scraping the pain out. As I did this, I realized that I had just struck gold. The little half sphere's of paint that came out were just too cool to throw away. So I laid them all out on a sheet of white paper and started to take some pics. I also decided that I will be gluing them to a canvas or putting them in a shadow box for my wall. Instant art from something most people would throw away. The best part is that when I look at these little paint blobs on my wall, I will remember all of the fun paint sessions Kyle and I have had. So the lesson of the day is to keep your eyes peeled, your mind open and only clean out your palette when you absolutely have too.

Make something fun today from something left over from your medium of choice and if you make something brilliant, please leave a comment so that I can feature it here.

Just so you know it is taking all of my willpower not to fill all of my palettes with paint just so I can get more of these little treasures.... Maybe I shouldn't fight it!


femputer said...

Those are awesome! I love the way they look and especially love the history they carry. They will be amazing in a shadow box!

Angie said...

that's so cool!

I think you would put them on a wooden canvas - the colours would look amazing against a pale woodgrains! :o)

Miss*Laurence said...

OMG! I remember doing this once, when the children and I had used the plastic from the inside of a box of chocolates... they all had a different shape! I didn't keep them long though because the shapes were very thin and too fragile... love the uniformity and individuality of each of them!

potatobird said...

Those paint shapes are fantastic and your post is a great reminder to look for the hidden potential in everything.

Unknown said...

those are fantastic! love the colors and shapes.
I have also one 4 yo boy at home (and 7 yo and 1 yo girls ;)) and it's amazing how much inspiration they can offer.
not today but about year ago I made "leftovers" crochet&felt jewelry collection where I used all the bits and pieces what were left over from my other bigger crafting projects. one example is here:
ps. found your blog via pcnotes!

Anonymous said...

I use a paper palette and have often wondered what I could do with the dried paint. Sometimes it's better than the planned work on the canvas! Serendipity is grand.

Lisa Clarke said...

Those are so cool!


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