Thursday, November 1, 2007

Inspired by Another World

Well, if you haven't noticed, I am losing the battle of trying to be organized and scheduled and trying to fit everything in. Unfortunately the thing that has taken a back seat has been the blog, which sucks because I really enjoy writing it. I have tons of ideas that I want to share, but not a lot of time with the both of my sons birthdays fast approaching, as well as holiday preparations, and of course making things. I am going to do my best to get in at least 3 posts a week through the rest of the year, so please bear with me. OK, enough excuses. Now on to the good stuff.

It may be because of the interview with tinaseamonster, or maybe since Halloween just passed and I saw all the kids dressing up in their costumes, or maybe I have been browsing Etsy a bit too much , but whimsical ideas keep popping into my head. I even made a treasury last week titled" Transport me to Another World" featuring whimsical/fanciful art that together would make a fantastic world where Cursters and robots fall from the sky, hedgehogs ride snails, flowers come in cubes, flower girls have petals, bunnies live on cupcakes, tube worms are beautiful and balloons can wisk you away at a moment's notice. How can you look at these items and not be inspired to stretch your imagination and create a new world of your own? (Click each item to see more of each artists work.)

Sometimes I think art can be a bit too serious. I mean there is always an argument about whether something is true art, or if it is high-end . I feel like saying "why does art have to be serious? Why can't it be fun and thought-provoking? Or silly and beautiful? Well these artists prove that all of those things can be true. They include whimsical details in a creative way. If you are feeling a little less than inspired, thinking about fanciful, whimsical things can really get the creative juices moving because there is no limit to where you can go. People can sprout animal heads, you can create your own creatures, use colors or patterns that you normally wouldn't, heck, you can even make pigs can fly! Take a little time this week to create a little world of your own. Imagine the characters in your world, how they look, the environment in which they live, how they get around and how they interact. Exercising your whimsical side can be freeing and a whole lot of fun. Once you get started , I bet the ideas will just flow. For more inspiration this week, read a couple children's books and let your inner child out to play! Happy Creating!

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kage said...


I first came upon your Etsy site as I was browsing and then read you have a blog also. I love your pieces and your imagination. I'm a scrapbooker and always looking to push myself into learning new things. I'm interested in how you make your own stamps. I'd like to create my own stamps for paper and such and I'm wondering what materials you make your stamps out of?



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