Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Be Inspired - By Silhouettes, Taking a Step Back

Do you remember standing in front of a projector in Elementary School, while your teacher traced your head and then cutting it out and proudly presenting your silhouette to your parents? Well silhouette's have made a comeback in a big way. They are no longer just for proud parents, now they come in all shapes, sizes, colors, subjects and mediums. Silhouette's are very popular these days and searching on Etsy, you will find all kinds. I was inspired by a treasury list a couple of weeks ago that featured silhouette's, and I have been meaning to do a piece on them for the blog.

Most of the time I am telling you to take a closer look, but this week I want you to take a step back. My purpose for featuring the silhouette's isn't so much to inspire you to create a silhouette in your work, but to get you looking at the shapes and forms of things without looking at the details and texture. I know, I know me telling you to simplify and not look at texture? Crazy huh! But honestly while I love to focus on the details, I also like to look at things in a graphic sense, focusing on the overall shapes. I really love block printing and screen printing because they often feature silhouette's and simplified graphic images. Here are some amazing silhouette's I found on Etsy (click each photo to see more work by the artist). Pay close attention to the shapes and forms.

I told you silhouette's are big, and no object is off-limits. A lot of artists are also incorporating patterns into their silhouette's to add further interest. Take some time this week to step back and focus on the shapes and forms of the objects around you. Blur the details and you may find a new inspiration or an intriguing shape or grouping of shapes that will spur your creativity. Just make sure that when you step back, there is nothing behind you. I would feel terrible if anyone got hurt while trying to find inspiration.


Athena's Armoury said...

You're absolutely right. Looking at the negative space around an object is just as interesting as all of the fine details, IMO. Lovely items you featured, too!

Agent M. said...

Wow! Those are wonderful examples!

Why didn't my school ever do the trace your head thing? That sounds soooo fun! =^.^=

maggie said...

i can't believe that water tower pillow. it's SO incredible!

DivaDea said...

I do! I totally remember that from elementary school, and I remember being completely fascinated with the process and loving it!


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