Saturday, June 16, 2007

Looking to the Past for Inspiration with

Vintage items are very popular today and a great way to find inspiration is to look at these items from the past. You can learn a lot about construction, color and pattern by taking a look at vintage items. Shael from did just that when she created this sweet little apron.

"This vintage inspired little girls' apron was made from a pattern I drafted from an apron my mother wore when she was a young girl to keep her everyday clothes clean from play. I made a few adjustments here and there and added small details like ribbon and eyelet trim to the bodice and hem. I am in love with fabrics with various prints, especially those from Japan. I chose a natural linen and a sweet teapot patterned cotton fabric for this apron which adds to its charm I think. I look to others with crafty blogs for inspiration, as well as, magazines, fabrics, prints, vintage patterns and most of all my 17 month old daughter, Ophelia"

You can find more of Shael's lovely work in her Etsy shop littlebirddesigns.etsy. Please also check out her blog!

Remember the past is rich with inspiration, so take a look at what past artisans have done to help inspire you. Maybe you can improve on a design or just be inspired by the color combinations used in vintage items, either way, looking back in time can be a great way to be inspired to create something amazing!


allison strine said...

Yay - I love your blog! Thanks so much for posting at mine... that's how I found you. Kyle's art is great, and yours is even better!!

tambatoys said...

Nice to see you promoting other etsy people! Your cupcakes look amazing, I want one!!!!

Block Party Press said...

Thanks Allison. Did you figure out the link thing?

Hello there fellow Tamara! Thanks for commenting. If you are ever interested in being featured, just let me know. I love your stuff!

MewPaperArts said...

Darling child's apron! Wish I was that little still!

Absolutely Small said...

Oh, what super cute stuff! Thanks for showing her off to the rest of us!


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