Friday, June 15, 2007

Inspired to Create.....Cupcakes

So I don't just create items with polymer clay. I find that I like to incorporate creativity into almost everything that I do, so when the call comes from school that they need 36 cupcakes for the end of the year picnic, I can't just send in plain old cupcakes. It just wouldn't be right. They need to be special. My kids have learned to expect something over the top and I knew I had to deliver. I am not a great baker, but over the years I have created quite a few interesting baked goods, a VW Bug cake, a race track cake, a volcano, mud and bug cupcakes, a caterpillar and 2 dozen snowman cupcakes (2 years in a row). Here's what I came up with. They were a big hit, and I only had to stay up until 3AM to finish them.

Don't just save your creativity for your art, exercise you creative muscles whenever you can!


Absolutely Small said...

I so agree- everything in your life should be an excuse to use your creativity! Those cupcakes look amazing!

pamela michelle said...

yummy yummy!
But too cute to eat. Well, actually...I could do it. After all, it is a tasty yummy cupcake.

Kirsten said...

Those are cute. I can see your color style in them.

I tend to rush through cooking, but do put my creativity into other forms.

June said...

These cup cakes are just adorable! What a good mommy you are because I can tell this was time consumming!

Sweet Olive Press | Helen said...

Oh my, these are adorable!

My family had a cupcake decorating competition (because everything is a competition...!) before my nephew's first birthday party. It was so much fun!

I think you might've beaten us though.


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