Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Be Inspired to Leave Your Comfort Zone

I've been super busy and I haven't had time for taking pics lately (or posting), but I thought I'd share something new I've been working on. Over the last couple of months I've left my clay comfort zone and I've been creating some new paintings and mixed media pieces. I've found that it affords me a lot more freedom of expression than creating jewelry, as I don't have to worry about if something is too much for someone to wear out in public. As I started, there was no rhyme or reason to my paintings as I flitted from one subject to another (some will be very familiar as they were inspired by my jewelry pieces), but lately I have been focusing on crafty related themes. I haven't quite found my style just yet, but I'm enjoying the journey, which is the most important thing. Here's a collage of the process of a recent mixed media piece:

Pile O' Yarn - Start to finish

Pile O' Yarn

Prints are available in my print shop and eventually I hope to get the originals listed too. Hopefully someone will like them because I have about 20 more that I need to scan and list. Stay tuned!

As with all photos and artwork on this blog, please do not copy or use the photos without permission. Thanks!


becca.elpy said...

this is gorgeous...GORGEOUS! i love it! and the process photos are beautiful too. :)

Block Party Press said...

Thanks so much!


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