Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Inspiration Revealed - Artists Reveals

A few months back I started a Flickr group, Art Inspiration Revealed, so other artists could share and reveal their inspirations alongside their finished work. Here are a few of the inspirational reveals:

Precious crystals...

Art reveal:
Fake Gems Bracelet
Photos by 3 dots

Inspiration Revealed - Onion
"A beautiful slice of red onion inspired me to create these polymer focal pieces with vintage buttons." photo and quote by maureenthomasdesigns

Tiny Creatures - With its inspiration
"I was struck by the beauty of tiny creatures in the microscopic universe: particles, bacteria, viruses, etc. Each of the five "bulbs" in this necklace are inspired by a handful of these strangely beautiful creatures, in an effort to make this invisible world VISIBLE to the human eye." Photo and quote by Veru Designs

The complete towel set!
"Made after a kitchen towel I recieved from my friend, Dalit." Quote & Photo by Orly Rabinowitz

Algae Pin - EMJC-PR 6.3
Photo by Cynthia Del Giudice
You can read more about her inspiration on her blog

10-6-2010 prog (4)

Art Reveal:
acorn finished

Photos by Kirstin Skiles/knitsteel
learn more about her inspiration on her blog

There are a lot more interesting reveals in the group. Feel free to get in on the fun by joining the group and sharing your inspirations and art! Please make sure to read the rules before joining or posting!


Pretty Things said...


Lucie Veilleux said...

Thanks so much for having my sugar crystal and bracelet here!! Great post!!
Lucie xx

Block Party Press said...

Thanks Pretty Things!

You're welcome Lucie! Thanks so much for letting me share your inspiration!

Kirsten said...

I love seeing the inspiration and the finished pieces. Thank you!

Block Party Press said...

You're very welcome! Thanks for sharing!

Maureen Thomas said...

Thanks for including my onion, Tamara! "Inspiration Revealed" is a great Flickr Group. So many of us are obviously inspired by nature, but these collages demonstrate that even a simple kitchen towel or a piece of fabric can inspire a great color palette. Fun!

Block Party Press said...

You're welcome Maureen! Thanks for sharing with us!!


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