Saturday, July 10, 2010

Be Inspired to Remove the Color

If you're like me, color effects you in a strong way. I am easily distracted by color and can sometimes miss interesting features because I'm so consumed with the emotions and senses that color stirs in me. That's one reason I like taking photos. I take photos of things that appear interesting and then purposely review them later that day or the next. I often find things that I wouldn't have seen while just standing there and looking at my subject. Photos are also great because you can manipulate them to create even more interest and inspiration. Sometimes I like to remove the distraction of color by making the photo black and white or sepia. The absence of color allows my brain to better process the actual form of my subject. Which is really helpful when I'm trying to come up with a line drawing of a design for my jewelry.


So give it a try and remove the color from some of your photos and see if you too become less distracted by the color and more able to focus on the details of the subject.




Barbra said...

Love the sepia. I have several old photos framed and hung,not because of the subject but the tones.Warm!

smilla4blogs said...

A wonderful post! I couldn't agree more about removing the distraction of color in some circumstances. Shapes and light pop!

Block Party Press said...

I love sepia too Barbra. Warmth is always good!

Thanks Smilla4blogs! I'm glad I'm not the only one that finds it helpful to remove the distraction of color. Not sure I've seen you comment before, so welcome!


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