Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Through My Eyes : Glitter

The star of the recent Etsy Party was definitely glitter! It was everywhere, and I'm still finding it in all over my house. Here is the glitter through my eyes:


Seeing Stars






Get out your glitter. Make a mess. Make something sparkle. Take a few pictures. Enjoy!


Unknown said...

Everything always looks so AWESOME through "your eyes"! Stopping by to say hi because it has been a long while. Your art is always such an inspiration to me!

Block Party Press said...

Thanks so much ODD (Can I call you ODD?)! I'm happy that I can share my point of view with my friends! Glad to see you stopping by! Don't be a stranger!

Linda Ellett said...

Ah yes, I've been a fan of glitter for oh so many years....what better way to make life sparkle???
Love your new bubble pendant!!
Linda, L'esperance Tile

Block Party Press said...

Thanks Linda!I know I'm not really a "sparkly" girl, but I just can't resist the charms of glitter! Wonderful to see you here!!


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