Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Handmade Father's Day

I always encourage the boys to make things for special occasions. I think the handmade gift is always more meaningful and shows that you really thought about the person and what they'd like. I thought I'd share a little bit of the handmade booty my hubs received today. Ironically I bought him a card, but I just loved the message inside and I'm no poet, so I just went with it. I will make him a handmade (homemade) dinner tonight though! Happy Father's Day!!

Trey isn't a big fan of making stuff, but he managed to make a card & a coupon book for his Dad:

Can you guess his Dad's favorite football team?

Kyle, being a natural maker of things, made quite a bit more. His dad loves to fish so he made this lovely poster of fish. I'm a bit jealous, but since we all live together, I'll still get to see it :)

He made a foam picture frame at school

Kyle took his older brother's lead and went with a Cowboys motif for his card too.

Here's the inside. Kyle made sure I included the inside as well since he made fancy letters. He was rather proud.

He made a little booklet at school that I love because what he writes in it is priceless

Again with the Cowboys. $50 billion sounds just about right! Ha!

Too cute!

Wait these aren't handmade. But they are his favorite and I thought it was cute that the boys thought of getting them for him.

And lastly a silly magnet and little snake.

What more could a Dad who loves the Cowboys, fishing, Whoppers and his boys ask for? Feel free to post a link in the comments to something you or your kids made for their Dad!

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