Sunday, May 2, 2010

Be Inspired to Keep Going

I quick apology to my readers for being MIA in recent months. I just had to much going in in my "real life" and didn't feel "Inspired" to blog. There are a ton of blogs out there who discuss inspiration, and I kind of felt like I was preaching to the choir, but a few e-mails and convos from readers and watching my stats with people faithfully coming by to see if there was anything new here, I've decided to blog again. I can't promise daily posts, but I'll work on several posts a week to start out. I think just like with creating art, if you pay too much attention to what others around you are doing, you start to lose focus, so I'm keeping my eyes on what my focus is and even if I'm saying something that's been said before, it will be from my perspective and through my eyes, so hopefully that will make it original and inspiring to my readers! Also, I just realized I started this little blog 3 years ago this month, so what a perfect time to give it some new life!

While I have been absent from the blog, I haven't been absent from creating and taking pictures. Here are some recent inspiring photos I've taken over the last couple of months. May they bring you inspiration too! Don't forget to visit and join my Daily Art Inspiration Flickr group. It's still going strong with some great inspirational photos from me and my friends!

My creation

1. Field trip fun, 2. Amazonia Rain Forest - National Zoo, 3. DSCF5390, 4. DSCF5246, 5. We 3, 6. Under the May Apple, 7. Tilt, 8. Easter eggs, 9. DSCF5152, 10. DSCF5151, 11. DSCF5137-1, 12. DSCF5138, 13. DSCF4830, 14. DSCF4988, 15. DSCF5010, 16. DSCF5115, 17. DSCF5057, 18. DSCF5108, 19. DSCF5107, 20. Open wide, 21. He gave me his heart, 22. Sparkle, 23. Blending In, 24. Worm, 25. beetle, 26. DSCF4855-1, 27. There's beauty in everything I see

We did have one addition to the family while I was MIA. Here's my new co-worker & muse, Cesar:

Crazy Cute


Amanda said...

Thanks Tamara, I've missed your beautiful posts and photos. Gorgeous shots you have there!

Tara -Scoutie Girl said...

I'm so glad you're back, Tamara!! I get so much inspiration from the way you see the world. And I'm planning to send
my ecourse students by later this week :)

m.e. said...

at last a new entry ! LOL !!!
love the photos
at risk of terrible triteness,
one picture always worth 1000 words !
your new muse Cesar, is too cute !
I definitly agree with his energy !!!
m.e .:)

Block Party Press said...

Thanks Amanda! I'll have to get you to do a guest post so you can share some of your great photos and inspirations!!

Thanks Tara! That means a lot coming from a professional blogger! I guess I better get working on some more posts!

Thanks m.e.! He keeps me on my toes despite his lazy appearance in that photo. He had actually been running around like a crazy dog just before I got this shot.

Kirsten said...

I'm glad I could follow your photos on flickr while you were taking a blog break.

Block Party Press said...

I'm glad you could too Kirsten!! I've been enjoying your recent macro shots too!


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