Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Be Inspired to Create with Non-Traditional Materials or My Kid is Awesome

I think like most artists, I can get can get in a rut focusing on one art medium. I tend to think in clay, so all my ideas tend to manifest themselves in clay. Luckily I have a little person who lives with me who reminds me that you can create art with just about anything. My 7 year old artist creates regular "art installations" and he loves to use non-traditional mediums. Honestly I believe he can make art out of just about any material. Here are some examples:

Spongebob Lego Mosaic

Spongebob Lego Mosaic - He was trying to make a 3D version, but realized he didn't have enough yellow Legos. That didn't deter him, so he created this little masterpiece

My Kid is Awesome

Here we have a hot wheels car self portrait

Jenga on Steroids

Jenga as art


Finished Rock Tower by Kyle (6)

River rock sculpture


Sand and beach stones and shells

Kyle's latest installation

A mixture of coins, Hot wheels and magnetix balls

Dog created with coins

Is he creative or what? Although he does have favorites, he doesn't limit his materials. He sees art everywhere. I wish everyone saw the world that way. Take some time this week to create some art with non-traditional items. It's a great way to look at regular everyday items in a new and different way. Take a picture of what you make and send it to me or link to the photo in the comments and I'll share it here on the blog! Happy creating!


Amanda said...

Mine is a younger version of yours! And yep your kid IS awesome!!! Love it!

Block Party Press said...

Thanks! We are two lucky ladies!!!

Jen :) said...

I love watching kids create. Their creativity is seldom hindered by what art is "supposed" to be!

Block Party Press said...

I couldn't have said it better myself Jen!


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