Saturday, January 2, 2010

Today's Daily Dose of Inspiration 01/02/10

Santa brought my 7 year old an electric guitar for Christmas. He's been asking for 2 years now, and he was just thrilled when he opened it. He's been playing it everyday, so I thought it would be the perfect subject for inspiration today (plus it would give me n excuse to get it away from him for a few moments). I focused on the details rather than the whole and played with the lighting to make it a bit more dark. Rock stars are dark, so I thought it was fitting. Kyle has now informed me that I need to get him a leather jackets because all rockers wear leather jackets. I think Santa has created a monster (or at least a badass rocker)! Here are the pics that made the final cut:








m.e. said...

Great photos !!!
How special for your child to have this art for future display.
Cool art for any music lover !
But ,when it actually IS your first guitar ...WOW!!!
Wonderful for a child to travel into the world of music.
Althought ,you might want to design some earrings that fit into your ears for the first part of the journey! LOL ;) m.e.

Block Party Press said...

Thanks m.e. I've already invested in s sturdy pair of ear plugs :)


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