Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My View From the Bus - Be Inspired to Create Spontaneously

I went on yet another field trip (#4 so far this year). This time to 3 of DC's art museums. I didn't take many photos as I was having to keep a close eye on the group of boys in my care. I think they all had sugared cereal and Pop Tarts for breakfast. I was inspired by some of the different artist series I had seen and on the long noisy bus ride home I decided to amuse myself and create my own series by taking multiple pictures from the window of the bus. Many are blurry, but I actually like that. It was a fun because I didn't really think about the composition, I just snapped away and when I got home I had almost 200 pictures to go through. It was like opening Christmas presents seeing all the little details I missed along the way. Here is a slide show of the pictures. They are all straight out of the camera and many are blurry (which I actually love). Maybe you'll be inspired to create something spontaneously like I was with this little series. Maybe squirt some paint randomly on a canvas. Maybe grab several unrelated collage elements and make them work together. Or maybe combine all your scrap polymer clay and see what patterns and colors emerge. Be spontaneous, don't think too much and just create!!

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Unknown said...

OMG... I have so much to catch up on here... I haven't seen you on my list... Better check and see where you are. I missed all your great pictures.

Have a post up with the ice storm of Chicago - 2009. Thought of you first thing.

You know we love nature.


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