Thursday, October 29, 2009

Through My Eyes - Fall From a Distance

Yes, I'm going to milk this Fall thing for all it's worth. It's my favorite season, so I'm always a bit obsessed with it when it arrives. So bear with me through a couple more "Fall" posts. This one is a bit of a reminder to myself. I'm always looking for that close-up macro shot and sometimes I miss the bigger picture. So this was a study in noticing the big picture that is Fall. Enjoy!






Unknown said...

I just knew you had to have a wonderful Macro lens for all those awesome shots. It's on my list for Santa that's for sure.

But, your perspective on the bigger world is just a superb.

Block Party Press said...

Thanks! I actually don't have a macro lens. All my pictures are taken with a cheapo point & shoot. I'm hoping Santa brings me a DSLR for Christmas or that I have enough money left over after the holidays to get myself one. I'd love to start the new year with the right equipment! As always, thanks for looking!


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