Monday, August 10, 2009

Through My Eyes - The County Fair

It's that time of year when the Fairs start to come around. The boys and I braved the heat this past weekend to go. There were so many inspiring sights, so I thought I'd share. I actually saw so many things that I'm going to have to break it into 3 separate posts.

We went on the day of the Antique Car Show. Here's what caught my eye as we walked around:

Loved the shape of these tail lights and the striping behind them.

The orange of this GTO was gorgeous! Plus I loved the grill details and the GR-RRR! license plate.

Everything about this Porsche was gorgeous, but I really loved the reflection of the sky. It made the car look even more heavenly!

While I loved the flames, the thing that intrigued me most about this car was the combination of purple and yellow.

I loved the wheel's of these tractors and how they all looked in a row. Sometimes quantity is good!

So next time you go to the Fair or an antique car show, make sure to look at the details of the cars and not just the cars as a whole. I think the details are where inspiration lies. So many interesting curves and lines and color combinations.

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Celeste Jean said...

i haven't been to fairs with cool things like that lately. :)


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