Monday, May 4, 2009

Through My Eyes - Subconscious

Lots of things inspired me this past week.

Raindrops (and we've had plenty of them).






A Last minute carved blocks with metallic gold ink:


Words intermingled with leaves:


I thought it was kind of interesting that all the photos were of the same warm tones and that there was a metallic quality to them. I often notice there is a theme or common color in things that catch my eye and taking photos really helps you find out what's inspiring you over a given period of time. The last 2 pics are from some spontaneous art I was working on this weekend. I was clearly inspired to use the metallics that had been dancing in my mind all week.

Take your camera out this week and shoot pictures of things that catch your fancy. At the end of the week look over all of your photos and see if you see any interesting commonalities. Your subconscious may be trying to tell you something. Create something inspired by what you find!


Liz Smith said...

Beautiful! And fascinating. I find that my Etsy faves end up following a color scheme over a certain time period, I don't even notice until I see the Etsy mini on my blog, LOL

Would love to se a full pic of the leaves stamped on words :)

Block Party Press said...

I noticed the same thing. Whenever I see my mini, I am amazed at how well the items go together. I'll try to get a pic of the leaves tomorrow. It's really the background for something I'm working on and not a stand alone piece, although I guess it could be.


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