Monday, May 25, 2009

Something new.... Trees

This weekend I was compelled to work on something besides clay and jewelry. I have a show coming up this weekend ( the 2nd one this month) and I needed a break from the production. I wanted to make something just for the sake of making something with no pressure about getting sales, feedback or promoting. What was I going to make? I didn't want to use clay, I didn't want to spend money on supplies and I wanted to make some "green" art since polymer clay isn't very green and I do like to upcycle whenever I can. The answer came in a stack of catalogs that have been sitting in my closet forever. I knew they would come in handy at some point, so I just couldn't throw them a way (Yes, I'm a pack rat when it comes to possible art supplies). Earlier in the week, I helped feed Kyle's creative bug by having him cut out shapes from magazines to create a collage, so I figured I would do the same. I don't like cutting much so I grabbed my trusty circle cutters that I use for making stickers and tags for my promo materials and atrted punching. I punched a bunch of different sizes and separated them by colors. Now I had to decide what to make, so of course I immediately throught of trees. I have made bubble tree ACEO's and pendant;s. so I just went with it and I like how they turned out. I actually spent most of Friday and Saturday punching and arranging and gluing (Yes, I did stop long enough to feed my kids). I started with simple trees the like the ones above and below and uses some cedar wood samples as my canvas:

Then I started getting a little complicated:

While I said I wasn't going to worry about sales, I do plan on offering the trees as prints in my new Etsy shop that will be opening this summer which will focus on prints of my artwork and photos (of course there will be a big blog announcement and grand opening sales once I get it started). I wanted to wait to share them until then, but I hadn't blogged in so long and they really gave me something to blog about.

Take some time this week to create something totally new. Don't put a lot of thought into it and just go with what you're feeling. Lose yourself for a while in your new endeavor. Try to upcycle something that's laying around your house (or stuffed in your closet). If you make something inspired by this post, please send me a photo and short description, and I will be sure to post it here.

I leave you with a collage Kyle was inspired to make after watching me create mine. He's already asked me to add it to my Etsy shop too:


Liz Smith said...

These are great! I love using magazines/catalogs in collage, yours turned out fantastic! When I have had too much of production, I make little envelopes or punch tags to recycle paper and do something purely fun.

Block Party Press said...

Thanks Liz! I think we should all have a craft mistress on the side for when we need a break from our regular medium.

gerri newfry said...

it's so true about polymer not being very green. i used to work for greenpeace, which is where i got introduced to polymer. my friend was working on the PVC campaign and saw my supplies one day. she said, "this is PVC!!" but by then it was too late and i was hooked.

i really like your trees. great way to upcycle.

Anonymous said...

Thats so fun for a change! How often do we let ourselves just play and be inspired without creating something we typically sell? Wonderful!

Kitty Ballistic said...

Love them! I tried to do something similar a while ago (flowers, not trees) and it didn't work out for me. Your post has inspired me to have another go.

HVM Designs said...

Hi! I'm wondering if it's ok with you if I link to this post on the craft mafia blog... it's such an excellent idea!!


Block Party Press said...

Thanks Gerri! I was hooked too long before I started going green

Thanks Nancy! I think a lot of us who sell our art forget that. It;s always good to remind ourselves to create for the joy of creating!

Thanks Kitty! I'm glad you're giving it another go. Be sure to send me a picture or link and I'll post it here.

Link away Heather! Thanks! Will you be at Handmade mart this weekend?

HVM Designs said...

I will be there in the afternoon- Carly is going for the morning shift. I'll stop by to say hello!

Block Party Press said...

Cool! I'm at booth #54. See you then!

Celeste Jean said...

that is so fun... i am always looking for ways to upcycle... i like this idea... and they are so interesting to look at.

Lisa Clarke said...

Those are really fun! And I'm looking forward to hearing more about your new shop!


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