Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Egg Basket Tutorial

Don't buy an Easter baskets this year, make one of your own from recycled materials. Save your money, help the environment and make something special that will be cherished year after year. This is another project that's great for kids.

Egg Easter Basket Materials:

1 large balloon
Newspaper Strips
Papier Mache paste (click link for recipe)
Circle of cardboard
Acrylic paint in your choice of colors
Tissue paper or paper for decoupaging
White glue
cording for handle

1. Blow up your balloon to the desired size and shape. As you can see from my photo at the top, one was blown up more than the other which affected the overall shape.

2. Cover the newspaper strips in papier mache (removing excess) and cover the balloon. You'll need at least 5-6 layers for a sturdy basket (remember to change directions of the strips with each layer to make it stronger).

3. Allow the "egg" to dry overnight.

4. Once it's dry, test the strength of the egg and make sure there aren't any weak spots. The egg should be very stiff. If it's not stiff enough, add more layers of newspaper strips and let dry again.

5. If the egg is strong enough, use a craft knife to cut out the opening and remove the balloon, remembering to leave enough egg at the bottom to hold the grass and all the Easter goodies. I chose to mimic the shape of the egg, but you could use any shape you'd like. The shape of a bunny or a chick would be fun. You can use sandpaper to smooth the opening, or add some more papier mache strips to smooth it out. Let dry.

6. Cut a small circle from the bottom of the egg to create a base for the egg to stand on. Use a circular piece of cardboard to cover the whole, cover with masking tape and papier mache the inside and outside of the base. 3-4 layers on each side. Allow to dry.

7. Seal the entire egg basket with Gesso or primer (don't forget the inside too). Let dry.

8. Finish the egg by painting it and/or decoupaging with tissue paper or decorative paper. Add silk flowers, ribbon or any other embellishment to make it fun.

9. Add the finishing touches. Poke 2 holes in the top and feed through the cord (I used the cord handles from leftover gift bags). Tie a knot inside the egg on both side and pull tight. You can also add feet to your basket by gluing on wooden beads or make your own with polymer clay.

10. Fill with your favorite Easter goodies! Don't forget the peeps!


Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

This is great! Thanks for sharing it. I hope to use it next year. said...

Oh these are WAY cute, I love the hidden scene possibilities! I'll be linking.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea...they turned out so cute.

Uniflame said...

Awesome tutorial!!

Block Party Press said...

Glad you guys like it. My sons love their baskets. We made them back in 2005 and use them every year.


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