Friday, March 27, 2009

A New ACEO , A Sale & A Giveaway

Things have been very slow in the shop this week, so I took some time to make a new ACEO (Art Cards Originals & Editions). I haven't made one at all this year, so while my wallet is thin this week, my artistic heart is very full! I decided to include all my favorite things, I carved a new retro tree, used lots of texture featuring circles and used some of my favorite shades of turquoise and green. I thought I would celebrate my new ACEO with a giveaway and a sale. I am only 10 sales away from 1500, so the next 10 sales will receive 20% off & free shipping. Sale number 1500 will receive the discounts & some extra goodies. I rarely run sales (mostly because I'm too lazy), so please take advantage if you can :) To receive the discount, put "1500" in the message to seller at checkout and either wait for an adjusted invoice, or pay and I will refund the difference the same day. Thanks in advance for helping me reach my goal!

Giveaway Details:

My new ACEO needs a name and I think I used up all my creativity on making it, so I need your help. Leave a comment with a potential name and you will be entered to receive a new retro tree pendant (with your choice of either silicon cord or ball chain necklace) made with the stamp I used for the trees in the ACEO. Not feeling creative either? Go to my shop and pick your favorite item and link to it in the comments and you can be entered as well. You can also do both to gain a maximum of 2 entries into the giveaway. I will randomly choose the winner on Monday, March 30th! I will choose 3 names from those suggested and allow my readers to vote on the winner. The person with the winning name will also win one of the new pendants! So I guess it's actually 2 giveaways! I can't wait to hear all of the creative responses!


Karen said...

I'll have to sleep on a name and get back to you, but just wanted to say how great to be at such a milestone! Beautiful work!

Kitty Ballistic said...

How about 'Wheels of Teal'? I mean, OK, they aren't wheels, but there are circles. And it's not teal as such, more turquoise, but.....

I'll get my coat. :-D

I absolutely love the ACEO by the way.

Jenn Milt Art said...


My name would be "Tree Friends"

and my favorite item in your shop is the Lotus necklace. :)

Unknown said...

Love your post and congrats on the sales!!! Here are some names for your ACEO:
Triptych Trees
Bowers Hill
Silent Stand
Blueline Grove
Azure Forest
Aqua Elements

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Love the design, it reminds me of things my sister and I used to draw when we were little. We called them popsicle trees and bubble trees. You know, the straight trunk with the fluffy round shape on the top, to represent trees. I don't know if popsicle tree is something that would mean anything to anyone else, though! PRETTY PRETTY!

Lisa B. said...

Really beautiful .... I love your work! What about the 'The circles of life'?

Carol Dean Sharpe said...

Don't ask me why, but it reminds of "The Road Not Taken" ... I know, I know, the wood is a teal wood and not a yellow one ... I'm just telling you what came to mind when I saw it :)

Cassidy / Cassuccino on Flickr said...

Here's some names I thought up... (too much free time, obviously!)

Three Sisters
In The ThreeTop (you know... like treetop...)
The Trio
Turquoise Trio
Blues Hues
In The Moonlight
Starry Night

Anyway, yet another beautiful piece!! I can't wait to see what name you come up with!! =)

Anonymous said...

When I saw this piece I immediately thought "...over hill and dell" which is super old fashion-y but there you have it!

Amber said...

I love a lot of the items in your Etsy shop, so it is hard to pick a favorite....but I guess Springtime Fawn Pendant wins!

Thank you for the giveaway :)

Amber said...

As for a name for your new about:

Naturally Yours
Tree Trio
Teal Trio
If A Tree Falls

Digital Misfit said...

Names I like:
Forest Friends
Menage a Trois (lol!)
The Three Musketeers
All Grown Up (parent trees looking at their sweet wee acorn, fully grown)

My favorite item from your shop is Dream Tree 5. Love that tree design, and the color combination is gorgeous.

hugs & congrats on the 1500!

Lucid Moon Studio said...

Maybe "Turquoise Forest" is too obvious, but I like it! Or "Turquoise Trail"..."Opal Forest"..."Woodland Teals"..."Tree of a Kind"??? O.k. my head hurts...that's all I've got. I love all your trees! Thanks for the giveaway!

m.e. said...

I love trees
I love these trees
and looks like they love each other
how 'bout
:) m.e.


I love this, always have

Jackie said...

Gorgeous ACEO!!!!
OK, here's my name ideas:
Rooted in Blue
Boughs of Blue
Last Days of Winter

Jackie said...

And my favorite thing in your shop is the turquoise "Bump on a Log" Brooch:


urban craft said...

Really really great stiff. I love it all. As far a a name


just a thought. Thanks for the giveaway!

Splinter said...

My ideas for a name are:
"The Last Frost"
"The First Day of Spring".

To me your ACEO conveys this certain feeling the days have right now where I live, when the nights are still chilly and snow showers and bright sunny moments take turns at daytime and spring is around the corner with the first subtle green.

I admire your art for quite some time. Your work is very beautiful!

melis731 said...

My favorite item in your shop is the Tree Hugger Ring for sure!

Unknown said...

Your work is so lovely. I too, love trees. And the same colors.
What about "TREELEAVES" for the ACEO?

Because of your great tute on etsy I am completely overhauling my shop. Thanks so much, as a newbie with no sales because of confusion!
Or is that just my state of mind??? Lynette


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