Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Inspiration From a One of My Photos

I started this blog as a way to explore artistic inspiration, to keep my self inspired and to hopefully share what inspires me and maybe even to inspire someone else to create something... anything. Imagine my excitement when I found a post on Kim Cavender's wonderful blog showing a beautiful polymer clay brooch made by Oksoon. As soon as I saw it I thought it looked amazingly like a photo I had taken last year of some strange multi-colored berries that we found while on a walk . I started scrolling down as I read and sure enough there was my photo and Kim noted that it had inspired the brooch. How cool is that? My heart is honestly swelling with pride. I'm so excited that all my crazy macro photo taking is not in vain, and so thrilled that someone would be inspired to create something from one of my photos!

So, this is just a little more fuel for my fire to keep on keepin on with this blog! I'm hoping you all continue to follow along with me. If you are ever inspired to create anything from one of posts, please feel free to contact me at blockpartypress@yahoo.com and send me a photo. I will be more than happy to feature it here and I will send you a free item from my shop as a little thank you once it's posted!

Here's the photo that inspired the brooch:

Macro 365/152

I hope it inspires you too!

Mother Nature Does it Again


Kim Cavender said...

All of your photos inspire me! I really enjoy seeing all the cool things you find on your walks.

Block Party Press said...

Thanks Kim! We just went on a long walk this past weekend, so I am hoping to get some pictures taken of our newest treasures.

Carol Dean Sharpe said...

I saw that post of Kim's, commented, and then totally neglected to tell you about it :( guilty! The minute I saw the brooch I thought of your amazing photo...what perfect inspiration!

My name is Andrea said...

That is so neat! The photo is amazing, I've never seen berries like that. I love that is inspired something over this crazy internet thing!

Karen said...

I would love to see those berry colors translated into yarn and knitted into a sweater! Awesomw pic.


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