Thursday, November 20, 2008

Through My Eyes - Pinecones

While on a walk this week, we found an inspiring little pinecone attached to a small branch, so of course I had to take some pictures. I tried to get a picture from every angle to really see the pinecone in all it's glory. The overall design is interesting from all angles. I love the almost floral look of it if you look straight down on it. There is also a great pattern if you look at the bottom where the Scales (this is the proper term according to Wikipedia) are tightly packed. Weven the scale itself has a interesting pattern on it which enhances the beauty when they are all toegther. I think the pattern of an individual scale would make a for a lovely earring. Keep an eye out for the different varietes of pinecones. Each offers a unique color, shape and texture. Here are some items I found on Etsy that were inspired by a pinecone.

These Winter Pinecone Cards by look like they could have been drawn directly from my photos.

Pinecone Brooch by create with an actual pinecone.

I love how the pinecone is interpreted in this pendant by

Beautiful Beeswax Pinecone Candle by

I love this Earthy Pine Cone Wrap Scarf by This sweet design can also be found in her shop featured on a long sleeve t-shirt and a tie-neck blouse.

Click here to find more pinecone creations on Etsy.
Here are some fun instructions for crafts you can make with an actual pinecone. Some of them could make a great handmade holiday gift:

Bird feeder
Pinecone Thanksgiving Turkey
Glittered Pinecone Holiday Ornament
Pinecone Corsage
Pinecone Wreath

Take a little time this week to get outside and collect some pinecones and then take little time to create something fun. Feel free to leave a comment telling me about your favorite pinecone craft, or link to instructions for or pictures of a great pinecone craft.


Juliet said...

i love how seasonal your blog always is

Avril said...

I love pinecones! And I love how the pokey-outy bits are called scales. I've just found your blog and love how you write about inspiration - as for artists in can sometimes be hard to get.

I have made some scale beads from glass - the scales remind me of pine cones. Just not pokey-outy!

I will now have to make some more after seeing your beautiful pine cone photo.


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