Sunday, November 30, 2008

Through My Eyes - A Mixed Bag

Well, I have had a wild weekend. I was lucky enough to be chosen Etsy's featured seller this weekend, and I have had a great time! Thanks so much to everyone who sent me well wishes! They have honestly been the best part ! Seriously, the sales are great, don't get me wrong, but the money will eventually be gone. The warm feeling I got from those many messages will stay with me for a long time! So thanks!!

I really should have been prepared with an exciting post since I linked to my blog, but I had a crazy week last week with a birthday, school events, being sick and Thanksgiving. So I thought for the last day I would post a little something quick so people might be enticed to actually return to my blog. So here are some of the mixed bag of things that inspired me this week:

Macro 365/235

I just loved the shape and shine of the eye pins on my work table. Individually they aren't much to look at, but together they become something very interesting.

Snow!! Macro 365/236

We had our first snow last week! It was just a dusting, but nothing is more inspiring that that first snow. Especially when it lands on a bright green and red bush!

In a nut shell - Macro 365/237

I just love these walnut shells (I think they're walnuts). The have a great texture and of course the little heart on the inside is just precious. We find them whenever we go to the park and we have quite a stash. While we were all sick and stuck in the house, I decided to get them out for a little photo shoot. Check my Flickr page for the full photo shoot.


Still being inspired by pinecones!

Macro 365/239

Who new birthday candles could be so cool? I just loved the bright colors and they way they looked when I had them piled together on my counter.

Mix it Up - Macro 365/240

Making multiple birthday cakes makes you look at beaters in a whole new light!

Childhood Treasures I - Macro 365/241

A sweet little bunny from my childhood. I just loved how it looked against the pink paper. I think it has inspired a new bunny obsession.

So that's what inspired me this week. I hope one of them inspires you too!


Doda said...

Hi there,
just thought I'd drop by from your link on Etsy. Great blog. I'll be back!

Carol Dean Sharpe said...

I always enjoy these glimpses of the world through your eyes, Tamara! And I am so happy that the Featured Seller has been such a success for you. I hope this means that many new peeps have been introduced to the wonder that is blockpartypress!

Block Party Press said...

Thanks and welcome Doda!!

Carol dean - I do believe you have brought tears to my eyes, or maybe it is just the stress of having to get all those orders out! No really, your support always means the world to me! Especially since you are a mighty fantastic artist too! I'm so glad to have you along for the ride!

Yummy & Company said...

i love your photos! how you manage to do all that u a mystery! and an inspiration!

handmade by mima said...

This bunny just gave me a great idea!Hope I`ll soon have time to realise it...thank you a lot!:)
p.s.great interview <3

Barbra said...

Congrats on the featured seller post...great. Your photos are wonderful. Love the bunny.

Bethany said...

I LOVE your work and love bunnies. Hope you make a bunny pendant soon.


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