Wednesday, October 22, 2008

You Were Inspired by What? - The Fall Squirrel Frenzy

If you are in a location where Fall has arrived and you have squirrels, you must know about the Fall Squirrel Frenzy. All the squirrels in my neighborhood are zipping around all day collecting acorns for winter. Inevitably there are fights and chases and little acorn hats litter the ground. In some places it really looks like a war zone. The poor acorns don't have a chance against these crazy nut-thirsty fiends. I have an affinity for the little nuts and their cute little hats and collect them whenever I can, so I thought I would create a little homage to the last acorn. The brave little guy who hung in there and survived the the Fall Squirrel Frenzy. The details of the piece were actually inspired by the 1st photo in this post.

To me the necklace represents being a survivor and would make a sweet gift for the survivor in your life, or for yourself. In fact (I just had a light bulb go off) I think I will make another one with a little pink acorn in response to October being Breast Cancer Month.

So beware of the crazy squirrels and if you get a chance save a little acorn. The poor things are being smeared in the media too, so they are getting it from all sides. Here are some fun squirrel and acorn items I found on Etsy. Who knows, they may have been inspired by the Fall Squirrel frenzy too :P

Acorn Necklace by (and a super talented fellow BEST member!)

Gray Squirrel Bead by
I know Heather was thinking about the Fall Squirrel Frenzy when she created these cute little guys. Just look at what they did to all those poor acorns. Nothing but little hats everywhere (the horror). Visit Heather's blog to caption another photo of these squirrels and be entered to win one!

Squirrel Print by If only all the squirrels in my neighborhood were this dignified. I am sure this guy would never be caught dead running around like a nut chasing nuts.

Felted Acorns by
At least lilfishstudios is making good use of all the little acorn hats. Each little felted beauty is a like a little memorial to the acorn that once was.

Disclaimer: I really do love squirrels, but they sure do get a little bonkers this time of year. This one gave up on the acorns and instead feasted on our pumpkins.


Heather Powers said...

Maybe that squirrel was thinking pumpkin pie!

love the inspiration today, I am a squirrel nut. thanks for including me!

I'm running a funny caption contest on my blog if you need a squirrel-inspired giggle.

gudrun said...

i love your ideas and your unique style!

greetings gudrun

Kim Caro said...

o my! everything is so awesome!

Martha said...

I love those felted acorns! Great way to show off all etsy has to offer for fall!

Anonymous said...

Very cute post! I love watching the little squirrels run around:) Also, I absolutely love your rain cloud necklace!


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