Saturday, October 4, 2008

Through My Eyes - This week's inspiration

Here are some things that inspired me this week. Maybe they will inspire you too:

I love that the giant praying mantis looks like it's attacking the city. I darkened the first photo to make it more of a silhouette bringing out the shaped of the insect and pattern of the screen. Watch out for a praying mantis pendant coming soon for all you bug lovers. I really love the brick, tan and turquoise tones of this Baltimore city photo. Some obvious inspiration for a new cityscape piece.

I love the texture and the angle of the vines in the first pic and the 2nd pic inspires me to use primary colors and patterns and of course it inspires me to make something fun.

This last photo inspires me to use lines and circles and even numbers in my work. I also like the metallic accents of gold and silver against the metallic green. Well, now you know what inspired me this week. If I create a piece from one of these photos, I will make sure to share. If one of them inspires you, please let me know and I will feature your piece here on the blog!

All photos were taken by me. Please don't use them without permission.

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