Thursday, September 18, 2008

Inspired Displays

Here is a little follow-up to my post about displays. I was able to get some great pictures of the displays of some BEST members from Allison of Tigerlillyshop.etsy. Please take a look at the creative use of different items for display purposes. Again, please use these displays as inspiration and do not just copy their ideas. All of us have put a lot of time and thought into our table set-ups and you should do the same! After browsing through the displays, take some time to browse their Etsy shops too. Just click the photo to be take directly to their shop.

First up is Littlest Bean - jenmenkhaus.etsy. Great use of color, height and vintage items! I am seriously in love with her table covering.

Next is Thebrokenplate.etsy . Such a clean cut, modern design, just like her pendants. It really makes it easy to see everything she has available. I am guessing this is a handmade display. Hopefully Juliet will read the post and let us know.

Next up is jillpopowichdesigns.etsy . Jill takes it up a notch (sorry Emeril) with a very elegant display featuring glass cases with terra cotta and black accents. The color combination really sets off her silver jewelry.

Here we have Yummyandcompany.etsy . Jen keeps things simple with a crisp white table covering and wooden display racks. I like the use of the turquoise frame to display the necklaces and having it in the center makes an eye catching focal piece.

Bowerboxpress.etsy Uses height and some creative card holders to display her wares. She also has a great sign which you can't see in this photo. Another clean, fresh display that makes her journals and cards the centerpiece.

Here's miscelena.etsy . I was her neighbor at the show and can attest that her display was very "shopable". The use of a spinning rack (not shown) was very eye-catching and made shopping for the perfect card very easy. Her signs were also very clear about pricing which is very important.

Here is Tigerlillyshop.etsy's display. She was set-up in a very small space, but made great use of her space. I mean just look at the quantity of items she has, but it doesn't look cluttered or messy. Eye-catching, yet easily shoppable. Another great table covering too.

Here's a fresh modern display from elisasherejewelry.etsy. I really like the bold print of the table covering accented with the green display boards. It makes a nice cohesive display.

jennyjen42.etsy has a really fun display. Some of the great features are storage bins on their side as shelves for her pillows, a decorative rack to hold pillows and purses, an easel like board to hold more bags and a picnic basket to hold her eyeglass cases. Everything is clearly organized and displayed for easy shopping.

The rustic feel of vwstudios.etsy's display goes perfectly with the rustic feel of her pottery.

Last but not least is greenstarstudio.etsy. A bright, fun and colorful display. She has a lot of different items, from soap to coloring books, knitimals, stickers, decals & magnets and cards. Each item is separated in it's own bin or display case and is clearly marked with the price which makes shopping through the different items very easy. The different height levels also help organize her table and carry your eye through the display.

We are missing a photo of Sweetpepita.etsy's display which was our only clothing display. I can tell you that she had the coolest hanging rack created from a branch. A small touch, but a big impact, plus it's functional. If I get a picture, I will add it here as well. Update: I found a pic of Shannon's display from Artscape. It's a great shot of the branch hanger I mentioned earlier. She also uses a clothesline and clothespins to hang her adorable dresses. I really love how she has the hats displayed to show off their points . Too cute. The whole look is very inviting.

So when thinking about the inspiration for your display, think about your style, the colors you use in your work, creative and eye-catching displays, height, functionality and "shopability"( I think I made up a new word). Also don't forget signage and a place to display your business cards! If you have any other suggestions or display tips, feel free to leave a comment.


jessicajane said...

Ive only done two craft shows before. I use vintage frames and this deep purple velvet underneath and layed my pieces inside.

I tried clicking on bowerboxpress and i couldnt find her shop!

Block Party Press said...

That sounds lovely! Thanks for the heads up on the link. I fixed it!

Sweet Pepita said...

I was just now thinking about display for Crafty Bastards! What a timely post :) I think Allison has a picture of my t-shirt rack from Artscape... it's actually a vine gone wild. Druid Hill Park is full of em!

vicki said...

Everything looked wonderful! I hope it was a successful day for everyone. I love seeing craft displays-- thanks so much for sharing!

Yummy & Company said...

tamara, your blog is awesome! good luck at your next show!!!

Unknown said...

thanks so much for the review!

Block Party Press said...

Me too Shannon. I'm trying to think about how I'm going to fill a larger space. I found the Artscape picture and added it to the blog. T

Thanks Vickie and Jenygwen. You're welcome jennyjen!

Sweet Pepita said...

I feel like I need to set up the tent in my street and RE-figure it all out. Am I crazy? I'm thinking of hanging signs from the tent beams to take advantage of all the open space between the table and the roof.

Thank you for the sweet description! It's really encouraging!

Me, You and Magoo said...

wow, great displays. I've just bought a vintage picnic basket to display bags in, I think it works really well :)

Juliet said...

Thanks!! My displays are made from adorondack (sp?) foot rest kits from Jo Anne Fabrics. (which are on clearnce now!)
They are covered in Ikea Fabric and have jewelry displays mounted on them. Great post!

Iris Mishly said...

Thank you Tamara, this is a great post! most of the people i know doesn't want people to take photo of their work (because of copying...) but it's so refreshing to see other people's display, when i am at a fair i can never have enough time to wonder around and see!! :) but i appreciate all the artists willingness to share their ideas!! thank you!


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