Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Inspiration Revealed

When I can, I will try to create a piece inspired by some of the themes discussed here and of course I will share it with you. Here is a new ACEO I created with texture as a large part of the inspiration. The texture is created with the circles as well as the distressing and even the raised hills and trees create a relief texture. I really enjoy creating things that you can feel as well as see. I need a name for this piece too. A name usually comes to me by the time I finish a piece, but this one is stumping me. The word "layers" repeats in my mind whenever I look at it, but I'm curious to hear some suggestions from my readers.


kim* said...

u r dang darn awesome!

Anonymous said...

You are really awesome!!

I love this piece. The layers, the colors, and the little raised trees! I'm sorry but can't think of a name right now. If I do I'll pop back in!

Pips said...

It is a beautiful piece! A name that came to me is "Drawn On.", because it draws me on and on, like taking a walk through it, each layer of hills and trees leads you to the next layer. I love it!


Block Party Press said...

Thanks everyone! More like this one will be coming soon!


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