Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Through My Eyes - Inspired by Planting a Little Garden

Spring has sprung, so it is time to it's time to start the backyard garden. My boys love growing vegetables (even if they don't like eating them). Here are some pictures I took while we planted. As always try I to look at things differently. On the surface, planting a small garden isn't all that exciting or inspiring before the plants start to sprout, but if you look at things a little closer or further away or just look that their characteristics, patterns, colors and textures and not just what their purpose it, you may find some unexpected inspiration. I found inspiration in everything from the seed packets to the soil.

The seed packets have great bright colors and images of vegetables.

I love the modified circle in a square pattern of the prepackaged soil flats. The modified square is a nice shape too. The textures of the soil pods after adding water is really cool. The seem to come alive (another great theme a garden can inspire).

Look carefully at your seeds for unique shapes, textures and colors. Mix some of your leftover seeds together to inspire color and texture combinations. You may even want to create something with the seeds. I know I was ready to get out my glue and make a seed mosaic. The seeds also brought to mind the following words and themes: Dormant, beginning, waiting, possibilities and potential.

So take some time this week to plant a garden, play with seeds, dig in the dirt and get inspired. I will continue to share inspiring pics of our little garden as it progresses. If any of these pics inspire you to create something, let me know in the comments, or share your own inspiration that you got from planting your garden.


erinpetersonart said...

I just did the same thing at my house! I've got my little tray of sprouts in my bay window of my kitchen.
I'll take pics of mine and post them so you can see!

Unknown said...

...thats so funny!!! I have been doing the same kind of today...Spring must be in the air...;-) have a look at my blog, if you like...;-)
Love your work, btw!

Unknown said...

Inspiring!!!! We still have snow here on the ground in Vermont, but I'm itching to get those peas and spinach seeds in the ground.
You have a lovely blog...


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