Friday, February 22, 2008

Spring is the Theme!

Well Spring fever is in the air so it is no surprise that the Spring theme won in the poll, but I have been thinking about it and Spring can be a lot of different things. I am thinking we should narrow it a bit more before I start sketching. Here's what I think about when I think of spring:

robins (birds)

Comment below with some words about Spring that will inspire me while I sketch. Anyone who comments will be added to the drawing for the finished ACEO. If you haven't been following along, check this post for the details of this project and the giveaway. Here is some inspiring Spring items I found on Etsy :

Artist credits:
1. Green Hoppity Bunny Toy by
2. Afternoon Tea Jacket in Nottingham Toile by
3. Artist Beads SPRING by
4. Spring Sprouts by
5. Mini Sprout Vase by
6. Robins Egg Blue Nest Mixed Media Collage by
7. Floral topiary centerpiece gift by
8. Tiny Blooms Cherry Tree ACEO by


Anonymous said...

When I think of spring, I think of soft and muted colors. Misty rain, pussy-willows, robin's eggs, new green grass. Pastel colors and gentle themes.

Anonymous said...

Here are some of the words that popped into my head:

buds, sprouts, leaves, flowers, honeysuckle, sweet smells, strawberries, chicks, eggs, easter eggs, birds, hummingbirds, warmth, sun, wind, storms

I'm enjoying reading about this project -- keep up the good work!

Carol Dean Sharpe said...

Some of these make sense together, others don't . . . as is often the case: jelly beans, tourmaline, spring showers, easter, daffodils, iris, Monet, Seurat's Sunday in the Park, dust (you have to live in southern NM/west TX to understand), allergies, birth/death, soft, supple, fresh. ;)

Sherry said...

Thanks! I am flattered you included my piece! My word would be "sprout."
May your good ideas flow!

Unknown said...

sitting on my porch for the first time in months with the sun on my face and my son playing in the yard.. yea thats what i think of.

ikkinlala said...

Puddles, crocus, growth, frogs (one of the first signs of spring where I grew up was starting to hear the frogs at night), runoff.

Marcia P. said...

Definitely green! I brings a few different interpretations to my mind. Since I like texture combining greens and textures sounds like something that could be explored. Maybe I will. ☺

Ren said...

I just found this! A VERY belated and humble THANK YOU for including my tiny blooms ACEO card.


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