Friday, February 15, 2008

Let's Inspire each other with a Collaborative Project!!

With all my recent posts about collaborations and collectives, I have decided it would be fun to do a collaborative/collective project with my blog friends/readers. I recently posted a blank tree design on my flickr and asked for color combination suggestions and I got some great ideas. I am now planning on a small ACEO series and I will be incorporating some of the suggestions. So.... I thought it would be fun to create something with suggestions and inspiration from my blog friends. I will ask your opinion for each step of the process and together we will create something cool. I may include polls or I may just ask you to post your ideas in the comments. In the end, anyone who participates will be put into a drawing for the finished piece! I also think it would be fun to have other artists follow along and use the suggestions to create something as well. Then you can send in your pictures of your items and we can create a collective mosaic of all the finished pieces. Maybe I am being a bit ambitious, but I think it would be fun even if only a few people participate.

I think the easiest project would be an ACEO. The size is not overly ambitious, but there is a bit more to work with than a pendant, and not everyone wears jewelry, so I won't have to worry about if the winner will be able to use it. The finished piece can be added to any Art Card Collection or framed as wall art if you are not a collector.

The first decision that must be made is the subject matter. The sky is the limit here, so give me your ideas and your inspiration. Just post a comment with your suggestions and what inspired your idea. Depending on how many suggestions we have I will pick the top 3 that I like and then we will have a poll on which one we all like. I will then sketch a couple of ideas and let you pick which one we will use. This process will go on like that until the ACEO is finished. I would also love it if you created something along with me in the medium of your choice using the decisions we all make. Then we can all compare our finished projects at the end!

I look forward to hearing your ideas!


Anonymous said...

I have been doing a bunch of "foliate heads" lately. Based on the Green Men found in the old European churches, I've had fun making faces for various vegetation scenarios (kelp face, bark face, winter face) and making them female. They all end up looking a little angry revealing my disgust for the way the US is abusing the environment.

The options would be endless and might be a great collabrative work.

Jen said...

I know that the majority of your work is based on nature, but your skylines intrigued me. I bet you could do something with a space/rockets/stars kind of theme and make something fabulous.


artangel said...

How about an ACEO based on your star sign?

Melanie said...

As I look at your work in your Etsy shop and especially this bubble tree - I personally would love to see you do a floral - in YOUR style! I didn't pick the flower - it could even be a made up flower - but with spring coming and the movement and swirls in your work - I'd love to see a floral!

~Melanie (a friend from ACETSY)


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