Sunday, January 6, 2008

Be Inspired by a New Year's Resolution

I'm finally back from a short holiday hiatus. I had planned on taking the week off between Christmas and New Year's, but my whole family got sick, so I had to move it back a bit. Being a nurse is definitely not a vacation. So I took a few more days in January, but now I am back and ready to get inspired!

It's that time of year again, when we all look back and think about what we would like to change for the new year. The New Year's resolution has become quite cliched and most people don't even make it through the first month of the year. This year do things a little differently. This year use your New Year's resolutions as inspiration. You may not be able to keep them, but you can make art that will represent the changes you would like to make and perhaps it can be a reminder to help keep you on track to actually reach your resolution goal.

The PCAGOE is finishing up it's January monthly challenge and the theme was New Year's Resolutions. Each member did what I suggested everyone do above by turning their resolution into art. You can vote for your favorite at I really recommend clicking on the links at the bottom of the post to read the actual resolutions and explanations behind each piece. They really make you think and bring a whole new meaning to each piece. You know I love to know the inspiration and background of art pieces. To me it is like looking into the mind of the artist.

One of my resolutions was to play a little more and take things a little less seriously. It is great to work hard, but you should also make time to play hard. I always love the pure joy my kids feel doing a simple thing like blowing bubbles and this year I plan to capture a bit of that joy for myself! This pendant is what I created from my resolution. The circles obviously represent the bubbles and are a reminder to see the joy in life.

Blow More Bubbles Necklace - 365/74

Take a little time this week to turn your New year's resolution into something tangible. Use it as a reminder to keep your resolution, or use it to inspire others. Think about why you chose that resolution and think about change and progression (the things behind the idea of a resolution). Think about the things you will need to do to fulfill your resolution and perhaps what might happen if you don't. All of these things can be great inspiration for creating. So dig deep, make a resolution, make a change and make art! I'm off to go blow some bubbles!

Blowin Bubbles


Sherry said...

This piece is really lovely! Great work!

Kim Cavender said...

Tamara, I need to take some time to blow bubbles as well. I love your pendant. It may be my favorite of all your things! Is it going on your Etsy shop?

Block Party Press said...

Thanks Dandelion and Kim! I did have it in the shop, but it already sold! I got a great response, so I will be making more! I hope you both have a great 2008!!


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