Monday, November 26, 2007

Inspired by A New Technique

I'm taking a short break from the gift guides to promote the PCAGOE November Challenge. This month's theme was a polymer clay technique called Mokume gane. Mokume gane is originally a Japanese metalworking technique that was adapted as a polymer clay technique. Mokume gane is created by layering very thin sheets of polymer clay and then distorting the stack with any number of tools and then shaving off thin slices to show off the colors, layers and patterns created within the stack. You can also add inclusions such as metal leaf and inks to create further variations or use stamps and texture plates to create interesting imagery. This technique offers up a ton of possibilities. I did a fairly simple one this month. I used metallic (or pearl) and translucent polymer clay and stacked them to create layers. I then impressed circles into the clay with a couple circle cutters and then back filled some of them with more clay. I rolled the stack until everything was smushed together. I took some slices off the top until I got the look that I wanted. I then rolled it smooth and cut the shape of the brooch. I liked the simple shape, because it didn't detract from the mokume gane design. The thing I love most about mokume gane is that you cannot always predict how it will turn out. It's like opening a present every time. I also love how you can make something non-organic like polymer clay and make it look very organic.

Here are all the entries:

PCAGOE November Challenge Entries - Vote for your favorite and be entered to win

Vote for your favorite entry at by November 28th at midnight (EST). You will automatically be entered to win a prize pack valued at over $150.

Take some time this week to explore a new technique or even a new craft all together. Is there something you have wanted to try, but just haven't? Well there's no time like the present. Many of the PCAGOE members had not tried Mokume Gane, but found that it was a wonderful technique that they planned to use again and again. Get out of your crafting rut and challenge yourself to try something new and I can guarantee that you will be inspired, and who knows the new technique may take your work in a whole new fantastic direction!

Here are some more of my Mokume Gane pieces. This is in my entryway:
Mokume Gane Mixed Media Wall Art

Here are a couple ACEO's:


Marcia P. said...

That's a fantastic piece of work in your doorway! I love the ACEO'S too. I love your colors. Mokume gane is also one of my favorite techniques.

Block Party Press said...

Thanks Marcia (that means a lot of someone I consider to be extremely talented in mokume gane). It is actually one of 2 and they are my favorites. I really love to use the metallics in my mokume gane. Next I am going to try adding metal leaf. I just love that look too. So many ideas, so little time!

Michelle said...

I love your doorway piece too! How large is it?
Is there a tutorial you'd recommend for starting out with mokume gane?
Going to PCAGOE to vote...

Barbra said...

You certainly have been exploring new avenues. Your new work is wonderful. I love the ACEOs...and I voted, for you,of course!


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