Friday, November 23, 2007

Be Inspired to Spoil the Lady in your Life

Did you brave the malls today? Were you one of the folks who woke up at 3AM to get some of the 4AM specials at retailers? Why???????? You could be sitting at home with a warm cup of coffee (still in your pajamas), shopping on the internet for handmade goodness that everyone on your list would love. Imagine buying direct from an artist who puts their heart and soul into every piece. Then imagine your items arriving to your door already wrapped with coupons and extra goodies for you. This is the type of experience you can have. Why stress yourself fighting the crowds at big box retailers? So save your precious gas and buy handmade this holiday season, and you will be pleasantly surprised how easy it is and how much more time you have to actually enjoy the holiday the people you love!

Ok, I just jumped off my handmade soapbox ( and yes I did make it myself), so here is today's gift guide. Why not spoil that special lady this year? Here are some fabulous handmade items that your female significant other (or any other women in your life for that matter) would love to receive this holiday season (I know I hope my man is checking my blog today and gets the hint!).

Happy handmade holiday shopping!! Stay tuned for the next gift guide featuring gifts for the man in your life!


letitiah said...

i've had my eye on that resin bracelet in the bottom row for a long time now. her whole shop is just lovely. great choices!

Barbra said...

I felt great yesterday sitting at the computer and clicking instead of sitting in traffic and fuming! There's no better choice as far as I can see.


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