Sunday, November 18, 2007

Be Inspired to Mail Handmade

Well, so far I have covered some of the immediate family, holiday decorating and stocking stuffers. Since the holidays are fast approaching, many people are getting their Holidays cards together to mail out, so I thought I would share some great handmade holiday cards with you. If you can, try to make your own because it's a lot of fun. These days there are plenty of kits and embellishments out there to help you create the perfect holiday card. If you're not so crafty, or don't have the time to create a bunch of cards on your own, you can still impress your friends and family with a unique handmade card by purchasing direct from the artist on Etsy. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, and/or Kwanzaa, you can find a great handmade card for the occasion. Here are some of my favorites that I found. Just click on each picture to be taken directly to the cards listing where you can make a purchase, or browse through the artists other items! Send a little handmade holiday cheer this year with a handmade card.

The mailbox photo at the top of the post was taken by bellajean and can also be purchase on Etsy!!


Anonymous said...

Cards?! Now?! Already?! Oh... oh *has headless chicken moment*

some really lovely picks there :D

Block Party Press said...

Ha! You bet. If you order them now, they will arrive in plenty of time for you to get them addressed and sent out! Don't wait!!

stilettoheights said...

love that photo by bellajean!!

these lists are great


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