Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Be Inspired by Patterns

Just about everywhere you look, you can find patterns. From the lines on the road to the rows and rows of windows in a skyscraper to the tiny patterns of veins in leaves. Patterns also are prevalent in home decor and clothing. I find a lot of inspiration in these patterns. There are so many possibilities; stripes, dots, checks, florals, diamonds, etc... Something about the repetition is very appealing to me and I enjoy sketching patterns and creating patterns with the textures in my work. Apparently many other artists are inspired to create and use patterns in their work. Check out the creative use of patterns I found on Etsy (click on each picture to see more work by the artists featured):

Take a little time this week to look at the patterns around you and think about how you can incorporate patterns in your artwork. Create your own patterns by repeating a design. Go to a fabric store and browse the different fabric patterns or browse scrapbook papers for new and interesting patterns. Here are some great Flickr groups all about patterns: Patterns and Designs, Patterns in Nature, Repeating Patterns. Please remember to use all of these things as inspiration and not outright copying. I leave you with my idea of a perfect pattern. Wake-up, be inspired, create, go to sleep, wake-up, be inspired, create, go to sleep and repeat everyday!


Ana J├║lia Crocomo said...

Hi, my name is Ana and I´m from Brasil. All your creations are very very very nice! I loved them all.

I would like to make some questions about the materials and techniques. Can I?

Athena's Armoury said...

Hopefully, those patterns keep inspiring you. You've got amazing work!

Anonymous said...

thanks for adding me to your be inspired series! very flattered!!!

Liz Smith said...

Wow, thanks for including my kaleidoscope earrings, I'm in excellent company :)Patterns are so stimulating, and the color options are endless as your work shows!


Block Party Press said...

Thanks and your welcome!

Ana - you can convo me through etsy or contact me through e-mail (blockpartypress@yahoo.com) to ask questions.

Kirsten said...

My husband loves pattern work. He used to make damascus steel knives. Damascus steel is patterned similar to millefiori work
You can see some examples of his work at http://www.mwt.net/~bkmetal/Billhome.html
Due to health issues, he can no longer do forged works, but I hope to see his pattern development showing up in jewelry soon.

Block Party Press said...

Wow! Those knives are incredible Knitsteel! Those patterns are inspiring! You are both so creative! Do you ever work together?


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