Thursday, September 6, 2007

Inspiration from a Story - Featured Artist

I featured a piece by Karen McGovern of earlier in this week's "Be Inspired" feature and after reading some of her descriptions, I asked her to do a feature. She has an interesting series of "Story Book" Necklaces, like the one pictured below that evolve from a story that she writes about her inspiration. I think this is an amazing way to bring your inspiration to a final piece. A story is a great way to bring further meaning to your piece and it's inspiration. Here is what Karen had to say about the inspiration for her Vela Liya Polymer/Mixed Media Necklace:

"The inspiration for the piece came from a lovely moth wing I had. I have a line of necklaces that I call "Story Book" necklaces. I write short stories and build the necklace around that. Vela Liya began with a myth/story I wrote about a special flowering vine that is pollinated by owl moths in the dead of night. The vine is known as the "Climbing Woman" vine--part mythology and part imagination. I incorporated the moth wing in the necklace using an optic glass/sterling silver locket. The rest of the necklace represents different aspects of the story--including handmade polymer pendants and beads. Most of the designs have a spiritual inspiration based on my love of nature. I believe art and nature are one and the same--all my designs reflect my deep respect for wildlife and our natural world. I donate most of my proceeds to the Rare Species Conservatory Foundation, My goal is to draw attention to the link between art and nature, and to raise funds for wildlife conservaion.

My advice for anyone feeling uninspired is to simply step outside. Find a quiet place in nature. Visit a local park, beach, garden, or museum. The play of light reflected on water, the colors of a garden of wildflowers, the textures in driftwood--these are the things that bring inspiration to me, and also clear my mind of all the day to day distractions that can stifle creativity."

To see more of Karen's inspirational work, check out her etsy shop, her direct website,, and her page on IndiePublic, And please check out the Rare Species Conservatory Foundation,, for more information about wildlife conservation and how you can get involved.

With the addition of a story, Karen's jewelry becomes more than just adornment. It takes on incredible meaning and can really connect the buyer/recipient with the artist, their inspiration and their creative process. Karen includes the story along with each "Story Book" necklace which makes them perfect for gift giving, plus proceeds go towards animal conservation! Take a little time to create a story of your own and you may be surprised by how it inspires your art. You don't have to be a great writer or scholar to create a story. You don't even have to write it down, but being creative in your story creation will help you to be creative in your work. A story can help you further explore your original inspiration, as it did for Karen, and help you bring more "layers" and meaning to your finished art piece. She could have stopped with the moth wing component, but to properly tell the story through her art, Karen added the other elements as well to create a final piece that is as beautiful to the mind as it is to the eye!


Sara Millis said...

Oooh love it, love it, love it - your featured artist has some great work... am off to see the shop now!

Sara x

Zuda Gay Pease said...

I love Karen McGovern's work! You can just look and look at one of her pieces. Great post!

Kirsten said...

very nice! The artwork is in a sense the illustration of the story. I like that idea.

Anonymous said...

Great interview! Thanks for sharing!h

Lisa Clarke said...

I really love her work! And yours, by the way - the earrings arrived today and I can't wait to wear them.

On another note, I came here to tag you (you've been tagged: when I realized that you *just* did one of these things. And I really should have known that considering I only read that post a few days ago... Silly me. feel free to ignore my tag :-)

Gemheaven said...

Really enjoyed the read and fabulous jewelery


Sherry said...

I love, love, love that ring!


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