Thursday, July 5, 2007

Inspired by the Treasury

I have decided to start posting my treasury lists that I make on Curating these lists can be a lot of fun and creating and browsing them can also inspire you to create. In many ways, a list can be a work of art in itself. That is how I approach my lists. I want them to be visually appealing on their own, no matter the clever title or theme.

Browsing the other lists can be a great way to get your creative juices flowing (You may also find something to buy!). Take note of the themes and titles, as they may trigger all sorts of ideas. The lists with color combinations for example, can be great starting points. I know I have been inspired to use color combinations which I hadn't used before after seeing an amazing list focusing on a specific color combination. Other lists have interesting subject matter or showcase materials which you may want to incorporate in your work.

This treasury was inspired by another list I made a of couple days ago called "Just You and Your Hand Tonight" which was inspired by a song by Pink (we will definitely explore inspiration from music in a future post). The list was a kind of a silly list showcasing finger puppets which was a play on the more adult theme of the song. While searching for the the puppet treasury, I started to find someone works of art that featured hands and that got me to thinking about my hands and how important they are to me. I am not sure what I would do if I couldn't create with my hands. This feeling led to the hand list as a way to acknowledge and celebrate my most important tool. (I hope you were able to follow my treasury list inspiration logic.

So start to see the treasury as more than just lists of products/art and start to use it for the powerful and inspirational tool that it is. Use it to get inspired and to inspire others and to of course find amazing handmade items to bring into your life!


Kirsten said...

You really do put together some inspiring cohesive treasuries. I never seem to be on at the right time to catch one.

Agent M. said...

I agree! It's so fun to play around with the goodies other etsian's create, & I'm often inspired by items nothing like mine (not even in my realm)- which leads to the creation of a ring, bobbypin- what have you.

Well put.

& lovely treasuries! =^.^=

Steph said...

I missed your hand list. Fabulous!!


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