Monday, June 11, 2007

PCAGOE Letter Project

Recently the PCAGOE (Polymer Clay Artists of Esty) completed a collaborative project for the Etsy headquarters and lab. We created a wall hanging with Etsy's slogan. We decided to create it in the same style as our PCAGOE banner with different members each creating a letter and then one member , Dawn of, created the background and assembled the final piece. This was no small undertaking and it took us a couple of months to complete. We recently sent the gift to the Etsy Labs along with some polymer clay and a pasta machine. We felt that in order for the labs to be complete, they had to have some polymer clay for artists to come in and use. Plus, we are all about promoting polymer clay as an art medium, so this was a way for us to hopefully do our part to introduce it to some artists who have never used it before (few as they may be)!

The wall hanging was happily received by the Labs and they even wrote about it on the Etsy blog. If you ever visit the Etsy Labs, please keep an eye out for the wall hanging and please take a closer look. The detailing really can't be captured with a camera! I created the O in .com and the last A in handmade (see below).

I think the best part of the project was how different each letter was, but how great they all looked together! That may just be another life lesson to make you say hmmmm.

PCAGOE members who contributed to this project:
Ilysaart, StudioBijou, MarciaPalmer, ScottGarrette, MaureenThomasDesigns, HardflowerStudios, MamaStaub, BlueLadyStudios, BenCanDance, IttyBittiesForYou, MadeinLowell, Faffcreations, TheColorofDreams, DeerCrossDesigns, BreezyDawnDesigns, NatureStudio, LadyRayCello, ColorFunky, NothinLikeIt, Peggers, BlockPartyPress, Treasurefield, Nanjodogz, Polyclarific, BlueDogBeads, MithrilDreams, and Cutesis. The letter board was compiled by HardflowerStudios.

I wanted to add a special thanks to Judy from come for surprising me this weekend with a very cool feature on her blog!


Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

I love this so much!

Block Party Press said...

Thanks! Next time you go to the Labs, let me know how it looked in person since I have only seen my letters and the pics!

Illustratorsam said...

Oh WOW! This is too cool :)

Kirsten said...

I saw that on the Etsy blog and was very impressed! The group is so talented and generous.


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